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Drawings & Paintings

Colors, Mixed Media & Large Scale

This series of paintings includes colorful mixed media and acrylic large scale pieces.  These works were completed from 2010 to 2018. I see a subtle shift yet can still pull out many similarities in my artistic style over the past five years.  It doesn't matter which style shows itself because as long as I'm still making, whatever that may be, I'm happy.

I enjoy using different mediums while incorporating marks to make lines, shapes and spaces to satisfy my need for change, variety and comfort. I often find myself creating a piece using several layers of paper, charcoal, acrylic paint, pen and pencil.

Ink & Graphite Drawings

Lines | Shapes | Spaces

These ink and graphite drawings incorporate clean and minimal lines, clearing my mind of clutter and noise, with a variety of subjects. These pieces were created during the same time frame and illustrate similar elements of design.  Stippling has found its way back into my work and now I can't remember why I ever stopped.


Digital | Black and White| Color