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Category: Studio Time

2018 Art Updates (& Studio Reno News!)

My exciting news update is that…I’m officially an artist and proud member of Swell Artist Collective here in Boise! I’ve already been so inspired by many of the artists in Swell.  Swell puts on a lot of local art events you may have already gone to in the past couple of years.  As for my newness to the group, I feel like I’ve already been able to participate in all sorts of goodness.  Earlier this year I was part of the Howdy Show at Swell, the Art Deck-O 6 Show at the Visual Artist Collective and next month, I’ll be doing this summer’s Art Crawl (June 23rd).  Want to stay up to date on Swell events?  Check her out here.

Also! For those that follow along on IG and have been watching my stories, you already know this but for any new peeps, I’m also stoked to share that we’re in the middle of our studio renovation! Our studio is a sun room attached to our house, right off the kitchen.  It’s the perfect size for my art needs.  But there is one downside to our studio space…it’s not insulated or temperature controlled.  Er go, it’s definitely going to be worth it to get it insulated and up to code.  So we are in the process of making that happen!  We’re getting new walls, windows, door, floor and all that jazz.  It should be done within a few weeks! More on that soon. (Follow along on IG for more day to day updates).

Before the studio was torn down for the reno, I was a busy bee. I worked on some abstract pieces and a new mixed media piece as well. I hope you enjoy!

My most recent completed works:


I hope whatever you’re up to, you’re having a hoot doing it.  πŸ˜€



Black and White Photo Challenge

I was challenged by a friend on Instagram to take 7 photographs over the course of 7 days, all in black and white.  The only rules were the photos couldn’t have any people or pets and also no explanation for your photos.  Challenge accepted!  Each photo was taken on my handy dandy cell phone.  This challenge has inspired me to actually want to use my camera again…which I have a horrid habit of keeping tucked away in my closet.  Welp, we shall see!  Below are all the photos from the challenge. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I’m in a rut creatively, it helps me to have a set goal in mind or a challenge like this to get my creative on.  What helps you get out of a creative rut? 




Custom Cow Painting

I am so excited to share this new custom cow painting I made for @jeff41005!  It just arrived to his home in Kentucky and the kind words he said about the piece warmed my heart!  That is why I do what I do. Making people happy, adding some joy to their home and spreading love through art, you really can’t beat that.

When he emailed me about his custom painting, he wrote that he wanted something similar to my giraffe painting with blues/greens and to make it extra fun and funky.  As a lot of you know, I’m a big fan of incorporating collage and mixed media into my paintings.  I used portions of paper and also portions of a 1947 Life Magazine to create the mountains.  Below are a couple in progress shots specifically with the cow.

I had a BLAST making this for him and love knowing this will be hanging on his walls. πŸ˜ƒ  Thank you Jeff for your appreciation in my art and I hope your cow enjoys its new home!

The finished piece!  So happy with how she turned out!  

Thinking about getting your own custom piece?  Let’s chat!  If you want a custom painting for a Holiday gift, now is the time to reach out and get the ball rolling!  You can be as involved or not involved in the process as you like.  Jeff gave me a few things he wanted and then said just go for it.  If all you want to say is “Make it similar to this piece with these colors, with this animal,” I can definitely do that!  Or if you’re more of an abstract art fan, I can do that too!  Fill out the contact form here and I can’t wait to get started on your custom painting!  No size is too small or tall. πŸ˜€




Progress Report

Here is a progress report on a new giraffe painting, current shot of the studio, custom cow painting in progress and our Halloween decorations so far.  Enjoy!  

Zoomed in on my little giraffe friend. 



You Can Become a Patron of The Arts!



1) a person who supports with money, gifts, efforts, or endorsement of an artist, writer, museum, cause, charity, institution, special event, or the like:

a patron of the arts.

Patreon is a site to support artists, musicians, podcast creators and a variety of other wonderful creative pursuits. When I first came across the site, I read other artist’s profiles, read reviews and soaked up as much information about this whole idea of “Patreon.” Afterwards, I realized this is exactly the type of community I wanted to be part of.  Artists supporting other artists, fans supporting their favorite musicians, visual artists, podcasts and so much more!  A community of fans who become “Patrons” aka supporters, aka members, aka pledging their favorite artist(s) and helping them $1 at a time to develop and focus on their craft. Also, there are perks for those that do become a Patron!  Depending on the tier, there are a variety of perks aka “Rewards” Patrons receive.  I thought, wow, way cool!  Where do I sign??

So I took the time and created my profile.  I then stared at that glaring “0” number of patrons like I had already failed.  WTF?  Why do I think this way?!  Then I thought, okay, obviously this isn’t going to just take off and go crazy over night.  I know it’s not good to compare yourselves to other people, but I had tinges of OMG no way when looking at other artist’s pages who have hundreds and even thousands of patrons supporting their work.  Okay first off, that’s incredible and I’m stoked for them.  And 2nd, how the H did they do that?!  Well, I don’t know just yet.  But I’m going to continue posting on Patreon and pouring my heart into my art.  I’m going to be as active as time allows and focus on being my true self as an artist and as a human.  It’s time for me to stop overthinking all this and just do.

Here we go Patreon world! Thank you for having me.

If you’re comfortable donating and supporting my work, please take a look at the rewards I’ve created! Depending on the tier, you’ll either get monthly digital downloads, access to early coupons, more candid journal entries and all sorts of other goodies.  Also you can simply donate and opt out for receiving any rewards. Whatever floats your boat!  Take a look at my Patreon Page to see more.

Thank you in advance for your support and for even just reading this post.  That too is showing support and you’re pretty cool for taking the time to stop by.

For those that haven’t seen my new profile photo, here it is!  This is me posing as naturally, ahem, as humanly possible in my art studio.  Did I put on a fresh shirt and earrings for this photo?  Maaaaaaybe. Goodness, you should see some of the other photos I took. Eek!  Perhaps I’ll post an outtake reel for Patrons at some point down the road.

Also, I wanted to mention that I’ll still be super active on this site as this is home base for me.  I’m all about having other bases to help me out though. Er go, Patreon. πŸ˜€

Lastly, I’d like to send love and hugs to everyone in Las Vegas and those affected by the tragic shooting. If you’d like to donate to the Las Vegas Victim fund, you can do so here. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!



Studio Refresh & Shop Updates

Last weekend my studio was a hot mess!  The anxiety I felt when looking into the studio was unbearable. Until now.  Now my anxiety is completely gone when I’m in my art studio.   It took a lot of gumption for me to finally tackle this project.

Some of you may already know that I use our home’s sunroom as my art studio (and Hayley’s puzzle table lives here as well because she’s the cutest).  How did the studio get into this horrible state of clutter you might ask?  Well, after the show at RAW Boise a couple weeks ago, the studio was a hot mess and I said “eff it” consistently about a week before the show.  I would walk in the studio and my brain would instantly go into freak out, stress mode.  I am very much the type of person that an empty space is a peaceful space.  Having clutter and “stuff” everywhere really impacts my creativity, efficiency and motivation…in a negative way.

It was daunting to begin the process but I knew it’d be worth it in the end.  I’ve been reading Fay Wolf’s book, New Order.  (The moment you’re done reading this post, go BUY IT!  Ah heck, stop reading this and go buy it now!)  For reals though guys, with that books help, along with some massive motivation, a couple cups of coffee (and then a beer or two) and several of Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists on repeat, I am done!  I can proudly say that at this very moment, the studio is now a decluttered, peaceful oasis.  

I spent several hours last Saturday filling boxes and bins and throwing away junk I was never going to use again.  I was letting go.  Letting go of this “stuff” that I might get to one day.  But really, every time I looked at that stuff I felt guilty that I hadn’t even touched it or started the project at all!  How about get rid of said stuff and focus on what you’re passionate about at this very moment? So simple!  Yet life changing.  I filled trash bags and donation boxes and my “other rooms” box to the brim.  (“Other rooms” is a reference from Fay’s book.  Which you just bought, right?!!)

Here’s the chaotic BEFORE photo:

Here is the AFTER photo showing the studio in its current state.  I feel free!  For me personally, having less is definitely more when it comes to a creative work space.

Another AFTER photo. Work table, storage and an easel.  Feels amazing in here now!

Also!  I recently added a “Shop” section for you to peruse.  Prints of my original paintings and drawings and an affordable custom 11×14 painting or drawing are ready for checkout.  Great stocking stuffers (too soon?) or gifts to treat yo self!

I have a lot of ideas and  plans for this site, my art biz and for future art projects.  Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Now I’m off to put pen/paint/ink to paper and get to work in my newly refreshed and decluttered studio. 

Cheers to art.  Cheers to a clear head.


Weekend in the Studio

I had quite a productive weekend in the studio!  Here’s a small sample of current projects I started over the past few days.  Ink drawings on paper using lines, shapes and spaces.  Stippling has also been making its way back into my work lately.

Sometimes the best form of meditation for me is putting black ink on white paper and just watching the lines form.

Stay tuned for more future projects.  In the mean time, I hope you’re enjoying your week, getting your make on or just doing whatever makes you happy.



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