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Custom Cow Painting

I am so excited to share this new custom cow painting I made for @jeff41005!  It just arrived to his home in Kentucky and the kind words he said about the piece warmed my heart!  That is why I do what I do. Making people happy, adding some joy to their home and spreading love through art, you really can’t beat that.

When he emailed me about his custom painting, he wrote that he wanted something similar to my giraffe painting with blues/greens and to make it extra fun and funky.  As a lot of you know, I’m a big fan of incorporating collage and mixed media into my paintings.  I used portions of paper and also portions of a 1947 Life Magazine to create the mountains.  Below are a couple in progress shots specifically with the cow.

I had a BLAST making this for him and love knowing this will be hanging on his walls. 😃  Thank you Jeff for your appreciation in my art and I hope your cow enjoys its new home!

The finished piece!  So happy with how she turned out!  

Thinking about getting your own custom piece?  Let’s chat!  If you want a custom painting for a Holiday gift, now is the time to reach out and get the ball rolling!  You can be as involved or not involved in the process as you like.  Jeff gave me a few things he wanted and then said just go for it.  If all you want to say is “Make it similar to this piece with these colors, with this animal,” I can definitely do that!  Or if you’re more of an abstract art fan, I can do that too!  Fill out the contact form here and I can’t wait to get started on your custom painting!  No size is too small or tall. 😀




Why I Changed My Business Name

This is my old logo and business name, Happy Home Studios. I still love the name and the logo.  I was Happy Home Studios for close to 5 years and it was hard to let go…at first.

After focusing more on painting/drawing and fine art prints, I realized my passion was in making art, not necessarily in crafty items.  I still love making concrete planters and coasters and am still debating adding those back to the shop, but my inner “ness” is all about paint on canvas and ink on paper.

I think with Happy Home Studios I was trying to be what I was “supposed to be” as a brand. Although I did enjoy everything I made while working under the name HHS, something didn’t feel quite right.  It felt like I was trying to fit myself into this box.  A box constrained to home goods and home decor.  Also, nothing was really BLOWING MY MIND as far as fulfilling my creativity.  While I was making the tote bags and coasters, all I really wanted to do was draw and paint.  Okay cool, so why not keep HHS as your biz name but switch to paintings/drawings primarily?  Great question.

My name has endless opportunities, no matter my passion, my name comes with me, it follows me wherever I go.  I’m proud of my name.  I feel lucky to be a Hanigan. So to me, the change just made sense.  I thought, if it’s that important to me, I should just make the switch. So I decided to go for it – make the transition and update the old website to guide people here, to my shiny new website. Right after I made the decision, I bought new business cards, made a sign and participated in my first local art show as “Emily Hanigan Art” and my oh my did it feel good!

It may sound like it was an easy peasey quick decision, but I hesitated for a quite awhile. My original hesitation to make the switch came from thinking, “But I’ve made a following with Happy Home Studios already! What if people don’t know I changed my name?!”  Um, first off, I’m not necessarily raking in thousands and thousands of website views a day or anything…yet 😉  And I can guide people here with the wonderful power of social media.  My business is still growing and I’m still learning. So I figured why not grow and learn doing something I’m 100% passionate about and with a business name easy to take with me anywhere.

Owning a website with my actual name makes me feel like the possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned for more painting and drawing collections…hoping to do a “Seasonal Collection” down the road. 😀

What do you use for your business name? Your actual name or a different moniker? What made you decide one way or the other?



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