I was on a Podcast!

On February 7th, 2020, I met Emily Merrell.  She’s a musician and the creator of Artifice, a podcast where she interviews fellow creatives in a wide variety of fields from visual art, dance, writing, comedy and more! Her successful passion project is something I am beyond grateful to have been part of and I absolutely loved our chat. Right off […]

Two Faves from 2019

She’s Been Ready, 6×6″ Mixed Media on Wood, 2019   What if We Stopped? 10×20″ Mixed Media on Wood, 2019

2018 Art Updates (& Studio Reno News!)

My exciting news update is that…I’m officially an artist and proud member of Swell Artist Collective here in Boise!  Swell puts on a lot of local art events here in Boise you may have already gone to in the past couple of years.  As for my newness to the group, I feel like I’ve already been able to participate in all […]

Black and White Photo Challenge

I was challenged by a friend on Instagram to take 7 photographs over the course of 7 days, all in black and white.  The only rules were the photos couldn’t have any people or pets and also no explanation for your photos.  Challenge accepted!  Each photo was taken on my handy dandy cell phone.    Cheers! EH  

Do It For The Process

Back in early July I was a participating artist at a gallery show at Studio Boise Photography Center.  They hosted “Idaho Places, Idaho Faces,” their 2nd annual photography contest AND! Studio Boise was celebrating their 1st year as a business.    Everyone who joined for the gallery opening was given one token to vote for one photograph. The winner would receive a […]

Wedding Sign

When two of your best friends ask you to make their wedding sign you say YES PLEASE!  They are the coolest, the nicest and most deserving couple.  Being able to make their wedding sign was an honor.   And let me tell you, it was such a gorgeous and amazing wedding.  Congrats to Katie and Phil!     The final product! […]

Custom Cow Painting

I am so excited to share this new custom cow painting I made for @jeff41005!  It just arrived to his home in Kentucky and the kind words he said about the piece warmed my heart!  That is why I do what I do. Making people happy, adding some joy to their home and spreading love through art, you really can’t beat […]


Lately I have been decluttering everything!  Feeling light and freeeeeee.   I’m quite proud of my shelf game here. Lately I have been drawing and painting.  I’m working on mixed media paper for my acrylic and ink paintings and bristol paper for the solely ink drawings.  Sometimes all you need is pen and paper.     Cheers! -EH

Weekend in the Studio

I had quite a productive weekend in the studio!  Here’s a small sample of current projects I started over the past few days.  Ink drawings on paper using lines, shapes and spaces.  Stippling has also been making its way back into my work lately. Sometimes the best form of meditation for me is putting black ink on white paper and […]