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Studio Refresh & Shop Updates

Last weekend my studio was a hot mess!  The anxiety I felt when looking into the studio was unbearable. Until now.  Now my anxiety is completely gone when I’m in my art studio.   It took a lot of gumption for me to finally tackle this project.

Some of you may already know that I use our home’s sunroom as my art studio (and Hayley’s puzzle table lives here as well because she’s the cutest).  How did the studio get into this horrible state of clutter you might ask?  Well, after the show at RAW Boise a couple weeks ago, the studio was a hot mess and I said “eff it” consistently about a week before the show.  I would walk in the studio and my brain would instantly go into freak out, stress mode.  I am very much the type of person that an empty space is a peaceful space.  Having clutter and “stuff” everywhere really impacts my creativity, efficiency and motivation…in a negative way.

It was daunting to begin the process but I knew it’d be worth it in the end.  I’ve been reading Fay Wolf’s book, New Order.  (The moment you’re done reading this post, go BUY IT!  Ah heck, stop reading this and go buy it now!)  For reals though guys, with that books help, along with some massive motivation, a couple cups of coffee (and then a beer or two) and several of Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists on repeat, I am done!  I can proudly say that at this very moment, the studio is now a decluttered, peaceful oasis.  

I spent several hours last Saturday filling boxes and bins and throwing away junk I was never going to use again.  I was letting go.  Letting go of this “stuff” that I might get to one day.  But really, every time I looked at that stuff I felt guilty that I hadn’t even touched it or started the project at all!  How about get rid of said stuff and focus on what you’re passionate about at this very moment? So simple!  Yet life changing.  I filled trash bags and donation boxes and my “other rooms” box to the brim.  (“Other rooms” is a reference from Fay’s book.  Which you just bought, right?!!)

Here’s the chaotic BEFORE photo:

Here is the AFTER photo showing the studio in its current state.  I feel free!  For me personally, having less is definitely more when it comes to a creative work space.

Another AFTER photo. Work table, storage and an easel.  Feels amazing in here now!

Also!  I recently added a “Shop” section for you to peruse.  Prints of my original paintings and drawings and an affordable custom 11×14 painting or drawing are ready for checkout.  Great stocking stuffers (too soon?) or gifts to treat yo self!

I have a lot of ideas and  plans for this site, my art biz and for future art projects.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Now I’m off to put pen/paint/ink to paper and get to work in my newly refreshed and decluttered studio. 

Cheers to art.  Cheers to a clear head.


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